Spiral Dance Workshop


Spiral Dance is a futuristic somatics-based dance system that teaches people from all walks of life how to connect to the bodymind and reach deep internal resonant states. Moving through gentle oscillatory motions, participants explore different internal flow techniques designed to increase awareness and generate spontaneous movement.  The somatic methods that have arisen from Spiral Dance have been used to help people heal themselves from chronic pain and injury as well as to increase human potentiality.
Spiral Dance will be featured at the upcoming summer NDEO conference in NYC called “Emerging Pathways within Somatic Movement and Dance Education.” For more information, please read our blogpost here and join us for an evening of somatic awareness and creativity!

*Discount available for students and people in financial need—contact us for more information.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Workshop feeCAD60
Location Spiral Movement Center
20 Leslie Street #209
buzzer '1206'
Toronto Ontario M4M-3L4
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