Spiral Praxis is a new rigorous somatics paradigm which can help you explore, accelerate and improve your internal bodymind functioning. Find out how we are helping people learn how to help themselves through new bodywork, meditation and internal flow techniques.


  • Spiral Praxis Summer Intensive
    Module 1 : July 24—August 2 2017
    Module 2 : August 2—August 27 2017

    Location: Spiral Movement Center
    Toronto, Canada

    The Spiral Praxis Summer intensive is a 5 week program for people interested in learning more about Spiral Praxis. Students will deeply practice bodymind work daily and learn about the cutting-edge techniques we use here for healing, exploration and excelling. Find more details about the program here.
  • **New** Monthly Flow Session
    Next Date: Wednesday September 27th 2017 7-9pm
    Cost: free
    Learn more about Spiral Praxis and the fascinating world of modern bodymind exploration.


Recent Testimonials

“Charlie has met Stephanie at exactly the right moment. Think personal training, therapist and inventive playmate all in one. I do not know how she does this but she seems to know what to say to Charlie, mix in imaginative play and has completely gained his trust…what a wonder. “
—read more from Charlie’s Mother