Spiral Praxis is a new rigorous somatics paradigm which can help you explore, accelerate and improve your internal bodymind functioning. Find out how we are helping people learn how to help themselves through new bodywork, meditation and internal flow techniques.


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  • Creating Our Bodymind Portal: Free Somatic Education For All
    Currently we are creating a bodymind portal for people interested in learning about universal bodymind concepts. This enormous project is being undertaken by a core group of people at the Spiral Movement Center — find out what it’s all about.


    Recent Testimonials

    “Robbie’s neurosurgeon was very pleased with Robbie’s recovery, saying the Robbie’s recovery was one of the most successful he’s seen to date. From learning how to hop and balance on his right foot to reaching and giving a person a hug with both arms, the therapies have given Robbie an increased awareness of his right side.

    —read more from Robbies’s Father