Spiral Praxis is a new rigorous somatics paradigm which can help you explore, accelerate and improve your internal bodymind functioning. Find out how we are helping people learn how to help themselves through new bodywork, meditation and internal flow techniques.


  • Official Premiere of “A Miracle Child”
    Date & Location : 2017 TBA
    The story of a boy’s journey to roll, crawl and walk for the first time in his life.
  • **New** Monthly Drop-In Classes
    Date & Location : 2017 TBA
    Learn more about Spiral Praxis and the fascinating world of modern bodymind exploration.

    **NEW** One Body, One Voice
    Read our students’ collective manifesto of their upcoming 5 week intensive journey into the heart of somatics.
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Recent Testimonials

In 2006 I could not move. I stayed on the ground and even breathing hurt. I did not know it at the time but for 6 hours, I was enduring a back spasm. When I was finally able to move freely, I got up slowly and when I straightened out, experienced such a lightning bolt of fire throughout my body which ended in my lower back. Since then, I have had pain in my back with every move and breath I take. My headaches worsened (I suffered migraines as a teenager) and I became even more sensitive to light and ...read more