SP Overview

praxisSpiral Praxis is a new paradigm in the somatics field that attempts to synthesize and integrate the whole spectrum of inner human experience. Its holistic theory is based on the idea that all inner human processes—perceptions, sensations, thoughts, emotions, and abstractions— follow the same spiral dynamics.  Uncovering these inner flow dynamics can empower people to take greater control of their inner functioning and to significantly change the quality of their lifestyle. Spiral Praxis techniques can be performed anytime and anywhere—while driving, working, thinking, playing, or creating. Beginning with simple awareness techniques, there are 3 foundational areas of Spiral Praxis bodymind which gives a practitioner a strong somatic foundation:

Bodymind Hierarchies

The primary goal of Spiral Praxis is to help people create flow states. In order to achieve this, one of the theoretical tools we employ is to divide the bodymind into various zones of awareness. These zones of awareness are arranged into developmental hierarchies. In the case of the physical body, the zones begin from the spine and radiate outwards towards the peripheral structures of the body—head, hands, feet and tail. Envisioning the body this way allows a Spiral Praxis practitioner to diagnose physical issues from their root causes and to isolate treatment without losing sight of the whole. Each hierarchical zone has a distinct functional relation to the whole and the manifold connections between these zones have great importance in injury rehabilitation and in increasing human physical potential. Different bodymind hierarchies are employed throughout the whole framework of Spiral Praxis.

Internal Flow Patterning

Internal flow patterning is the practice of moving and shaping internal phenomena within the bodymind. If a person observes their inner state during an activity, they will soon come to see that every action is accompanied by a flow of sensations, thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Most people are unaware, however, that they have great control over these flow cycles. Being able to modulate internal flow can help people eliminate fatigue, recover faster, increase strength, power, endurance and flexibility. It also helps people understand why they might feel distracted, imbalanced, or constrained by an unseen limitation—almost all bodymind difficulties arise from blocks in internal flow. Most importantly, people who experience a clear internal flow will have a feeling of ease, contentment and peace that can be genuinely ecstatic. In Spiral Praxis we call this reaching a resonance state or a free flow of unconscious action.

  • Learning Reflexes

    Perhaps the most powerful area of Spiral Praxis is its group of learning reflexes. Learning reflexes are short, meditative bursts of awareness. There is a core of 16 different learning reflexes, each of which are useful during different parts of the learning process. By shaping these intervals of awareness reflexively, a person can quickly learn how to assimilate new knowledge, embody it, or integrate it with existing knowledge. Spiral Praxis practitioners use learning reflexes to train various areas of bodymind activity—meditation, breathing, yoga, athletics. We believe that learning reflexes are what will allow people to do bodymind training in our rapid contemporary age.
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Advanced Spiral Praxis Areas

Spiral Praxis is a comprehensive bodymind system that can address bodymind areas over the entire spectrum of human functioning. In advanced stages of Spiral Praxis, practitioners can work in such areas as cognitive and emotional re-patterning, improving memory, knowledge integration, accelerated embodiment, and creativity. Advanced Spiral Praxis entails the intensive study of various bodymind hierarchies and examines the developmental spiral dialectics involved in higher levels of human functioning. Developed from the theoretical schools of western philosophy—from Ancient Greek to the German schools of philosophy (Fichte, Schopenhauer, Hegel, and Nietzsche)—as well as from sources of modern art and somatics, Spiral Praxis provides universal, self-iterating techniques to deal with the simplest levels of meditation all the way to the most sophisticated levels of cognition and creativity. To learn more about the unique perspective and methods of Spiral Praxis, visit the bodymind training page of this website where we will be gathering multimedia materials for self-starters who are interested in learning about the basics of Spiral Praxis.