Natural Somatic Healing

Spiral Praxis can empower people who experience chronic injury and pain with very effective internal bodymind techniques. These powerful techniques can often provide fast and direct relief. Chronic injury and pain are not meaningless occurrences—they invariably are our bodymind’s way of saying “something is not right.” A skilled Spiral Praxis practitioner can identify difficulties in a person’s internal functioning quickly and use numerous bodymind techniques to activate the natural healing mechanisms. The individualized, holistic approach of the Spiral Praxis healing process is what can make it so effective for people as compared to traditional therapies.

  • Awareness is the Key

    All of us have very powerful internal healing abilities which center in our bodymind awareness. This idea isn’t anything fanciful but speaks to the complexity of our inner world. Awareness of our sensations, posture, alignment, movement, thoughts, emotions, and habits can make an enormous difference in the way we deal with pain & injury; and further, how we interact and live in the world. Spiral Praxis can awaken a person’s awareness in ways that can surprise even the most unsuspecting person— it can tap us into the vast inner territory of the bodymind where the powers of healing and progress reside.

  • Universal Healing Process

    The seeds of Spiral Praxis originally developed while working with children with special needs and severe disabilities. Most of these children have limited communication skills, both physical and cognitive. Nevertheless, the gentle, holistic, bodymind-centered approach of Spiral Praxis has been successful in helping these children recover motor, cognitive and emotional potentialities they had not been able to develop before. Natural somatic healing is a universal process that even children can benefit from—indeed, the healing can be dramatic, unexpected, and life-transforming.

Guide Your Own Self-Healing

Spiral Praxis is a highly individualized somatic process where practitioner and client work together to identify areas of difficulty and to creatively find solutions. SP practitioners use a combination of bodywork, movement exploration and somatic awareness techniques to tackle bodymind challenges. Each 60-90 minute session explores possible physical, emotional, behavioral and psychological connections to chronic pain and injury—you can learn not only how to improve your condition but how to prevent it from coming back in the future. Schedule an initial assessment today and discover how Spiral Praxis can help you.

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