Spiral Praxis Workshop Series III — Bodymind Learning Reflexes


Learning reflexes are an important class of Spiral Praxis techniques that can help people accelerate the process of learning. They are like small mini-meditations comprised of short bursts of focused and controlled awareness. The reflex technique in Spiral Praxis is similar to how a musician learns how to play scales — they are performed quickly, efficiently and with great precision. Mastery of Spiral Praxis learning reflexes can powerfully open up new doors of bodymind potential quickly and with great ease.

There are 20 fundamental learning reflexes and an unlimited number of hybrid reflexes that are constructions of these basic types.  All learning reflexes can be organized into the quarternary developmental model of Spiral Praxis:

0º Reflexes—0º reflexes are designed to help get rid of blocks and smooth out the bodymind for flow. The goal of 0º reflexes is to reach meditative field states where the bodymind feels unlimited in time, space, and energy.

1º Reflexes—1º reflexes helps a person learn and assimilate new skills. They create flow channels with clear axes and skins using basic variations of time, space, and energy. Issues of energy, strength, power, endurance, groundedness, and relaxation are resolved through 1º reflexes.

2º Reflexes—2º reflexes connect different zones of bodymind together. They are hence integrative reflexes which explore complex initiations, coordinations, groupings, and constructions. They are particularly effective when used in complex activities where a person must work on several levels simultaneously (e.g., sports, classical music, complex movements, etc.).

3º Reflexes—3º reflexes are often called “sealing” reflexes, as they come in the last phase of the learning process where learning must become unconscious, intuitive, reflexive, and flowing. 3º reflexes are characterized by a free use of techniques that often require imagination. They are designed to help people reach states of resonance — states of flow where consciousness flows in all the levels of awareness simultaneously.

The study of learning reflexes is perhaps the most important area of Spiral Praxis. Without them, bodymind exploration would take several lifetimes. At the beginning, learning reflexes must be learned slowly and individually, but as your experience grows, they will start to combine together spontaneously and intuitively. In advanced stages, a SP practitioner can “pulse” learning reflexes at a very fast rate, like a metronome, and this is what makes accelerated learning possible.

*Financial aid for this workshop is available for students and people in need.



7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Workshop FeeCAD75
Location Spiral Movement Center
20 Leslie Street #206
buzzer '1206'
Toronto Ontario M4M-3L4
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