Spiral Praxis Workshop Series II


In Spiral Praxis, we make use of different bodymind hierarchies to help organize the various internal systems within human beings.  These organizational frameworks are crucial to understand if a person wishes to gain more control of their inner functioning.  For example, in activities dealing with movement (and hence the musculoskeletal system), the bodymind hierarchy begins with the spinal zone which serves as the axis for the moving body.  Surrounding this axis of motion are bodyzones which enfold like the structure of a tree—there are is the trunk, the limbs, and finally, the extremities of hands, feet, head and tail.

The similarity of the structure of tree and human body is not a coincidence.  The bodymind hierarchies of Spiral Praxis observe the same universal developmental framework (0º 1º 2º 3º) that is present in all self-generating living organisms. It is a spiral progression that permeates the natural universe—we see these hierarchal zones everywhere in the organic life around us.

 Zero zones are the seed, or source of a particular system  (examples: roots in plants, the spine in human beings, meditation in activity, unconsciouness in thinking, etc.)

1º  Primary zones constitute the main support or manifestation of a particular system (examples: trunk in trees; torso in human beings, core-periphery in flow patterning, etc.)

  Secondary zones constitute the locomotive, active or branching elaborations of a particular system (examples: limbs in human beings, branches in trees, emotions or ideas, etc.)

  Tertiary zones constitute the expressive, fine, equilibrium functions of the extremities of a particular system.  (examples: hands/feet/head/tail, flowers, ideals, etc.)


This workshop will explore the possibilities that arise when we apply these fractal concepts to our own bodymind embodiment process.  At the Spiral Movement Center have used bodymind hierarchy principles to help chronically injured children and adults to dramatically regain functionality in their bodies.  Through inner somatic exploration, participants will discover that clarifying this spiral organization can harness potentialities that they may previously been unaware of.  Bring your own bodymind limitations to this workshop — we will all work together to breakthrough these barriers by adventurously exploring this new paradigm in human learning!

The Spiral Praxis Workshop Series

The Spiral Praxis Workshop Series is a programme of three independent workshops covering the pillars of Spiral Praxis technique: (1) flow patterning; (2) bodymind hierarchy; and (3) learning reflexes. Receive a 20% discount on each workshop by signing up for our bundle package (no worries — if you can’t make one of the workshops then we will refund your package deal). Financial aid is available for students and people in need.

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Location Spiral Movement Center
20 Leslie Street #206
buzzer '1206'
Toronto Ontario M4M-3L4
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