Spiral Praxis Workshop Series 1


What is this thing called Flow? We obviously see flow in different manifestations in Nature. Consider the rolling of clouds, the running of water, the feeling of wind on our bodies. Everyone is familiar with these examples of natural flow. They are the external manifestations of flow, and make us aware that such graceful movements exist.

The deeper, more internal phenomena of flow we experience inside ourselves is similar to these external manifestations of flow. Some of them have a concrete existence, just as do their external counterparts — the flow of our blood, the movement of our muscles, the inhale/exhale of our breathing. But there is a more mysterious kind of flow that exists at a more fundamental level inside of us. We perceive it as a kind of beingness that moves, just as blood and water do, but with a more ethereal quality. It is lighter, more transient, and more infinite in our perception of it.

In an effort to give this Flow concreteness, some traditions have called it a kind of energy — chi, prana, or life force are some of the names that you may be familiar with. In this workshop, you will learn how Spiral Praxis techniques give new precision and rigor to dealing with this age-old subject. At the Spiral Movement Center, we have used flow patterning techniques to help people recover from chronic injury, manage cognitive and emotional processing, as well as to help people break new barriers of bodymind potentiality. Join us for an in-depth seminar on this fascinating topic of the cutting-edge of somatic research.

The Spiral Praxis Workshop Series is a programme of three independent workshops covering the pillars of Spiral Praxis technique: (1) flow patterning; (2) bodymind hierarchy; and (3) learning reflexes. Receive a 20% discount on each workshop by signing up for our bundle package (no worries — if you can’t make one of the workshops then we will refund your package deal). Financial aid is available for students and people in need.

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Single SessionCAD75
Bundle (pay for all 3 workshops in the series)CAD180
Location Spiral Movement Center
20 Leslie Street #206
buzzer '1206'
Toronto Ontario M4M-3L4
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