Adapted Spiral Praxis Parent & Professional Training Series


Stephanie & Yuji are amazing people.  Their way of teaching, thinking, and communicating knowledge is different than what I’ve ever experienced


The Adapted Spiral Praxis Professional Training Series is composed of two modules that explore the beauty of special needs/disability motor re-education.  Each module addresses the creative process that is necessary to help children in this population; each gives practical, effective, and innovative strategies to break-though learning obstacles your kids may face (click here for more information)

Lead instructors Stephanie Gottlob & Yuji Oka are pioneers in the field of somatic re-education.  In the past 30 years, they have helped hundreds of children regain their motor potential. Their dramatic successes are the result of cutting-edge somatic practices which are changing the face of special needs/disability intervention.  Their experiential methods have been implemented by Toronto, Parks, Forestry & Recreation, Autism Ontario, Pegasus Community Project, Gifted People Services; as well as the Positive Education Program and the Center for START services in the US; and they will be presenting their findings this summer at the Movement & Cognition Conference at Harvard University this summer.  Learn about the fascinating world of Adapted Spiral Praxis in these unique and challenging training modules.

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location Spiral Movement Center
20 Leslie Street #209
buzzer '1206'
Toronto Ontario M4M-3L4
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