Spiral Creativity

The spirit of dance is very closely linked to Spiral Praxis—no other art form which truly captures the evanescent, spontaneous and gossamer exploration of somatic bodymind experience. The methods and philosophy of Spiral Praxis itself developed initially from a modern dance training system which we developed early in our lives. In practice this means a sizable part of our training and private work is devoted to learning through creative means—experiential learning, problem solving, and improvisation are important parts of the process of Spiral Praxis.

Bodymind exploration is by nature a creative process. This is so because every person is absolutely unique in the way they create themselves from the universal pool of bodymind experience. Traditionally we think of creativity in terms of the objects we fashion with it—paintings, books, poems, dances. In Spiral Praxis, creativity is simply the internal process of integration and embodiment…the more fully we are free to range through the vast frontiers of human experience, the more fully we express this inner creativity.

People who study Spiral Praxis are always surprised that, in the course of their study, they suddenly will begin to see things in a new light. Personal behaviors begin to subtly shift and their perceptions of other people, places and cultural phenomena suddenly become richer and more comprehensible. Bodymind insight in Spiral Praxis has the character of epiphany, involving equal parts of the all-too-familiar with the unexpected and mysterious. These dialectical opposites are not only mixed but unified in Spiral Praxis —the entire theory of this somatics paradigm can be understood and experienced as a creative integration of the polarities of being and becoming.

Creativity is a universal human force that is at the base of all human individual and social transformation. Practicing creativity puts to rest the question whether we perceive colors, sensations, etc. differently. The answer is definitively “yes we do”—this universality is the reason why somatics investigation is possible; but it is the way in which we combine, integrate and actively experience these sensations which define our personality and creativity. For people interested in exploring Spiral Praxis creativity process, we invite you to take a class or training, or visit our upcoming Bodymind Portal in 2016.