Somatic Solidarity: A Glimpse Into Lives of Bodymind

Spiral Praxis is a somatic process that explores all manifestations of Flow within and without our bodymind. The realm within concerns those processes we identify with our own being—sensations, feelings, thinkings, movements, intuitions and so forth. The realm without relates to the way we interact with the world around us. Group dynamics are a very important part of these external … Read More

One Body, One Voice

Close to nature. My own nature. I watch birds soaring in the sky and I feel some excited mirrored movement inside of me. I have felt the contentment of a warm room, of simple surroundings – I let go deeply. I want to be part of something beautiful. To facilitate that joy I get when I see patterns in nature, … Read More

Welcome to

This website is dedicated to a somatic bodymind worldview —in sum: to somatics as adventure, art, rigorous discipline and life-long calling.  This may not be a radical departure for those who have already experienced epiphanies through personal bodymind explorations.  However, for a large majority of our Western culture and society, somatic bodymind investigation is something that is almost completely overlooked.  … Read More